How to Promote Your Music Using Instagram

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Instagram is one of the top rated social media platforms that people young and old use these days. It permits you to share photos and videos with your contacts, and even with strangers all over the world. As a result, it’s become one of the most dominant websites/apps to publicize your brand. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, Instagram can prove to be one of the greater ways to take when you’re into marketing. It’s a tough system to navigate, especially when there are plenty of expert users working with secret tips and methods. When you’re a musician and you are using Instagram, you always want to stand out – a lot of people make music, but very few are ready to put themselves out there.

Instagram will allow you to share songs and other projects with your fans and contacts, growing the quantity of persons that follow you in the process. There’s a reason why Instagram followers and likes are held in such high context, because it means that these particular accounts have a lot of marketing ability. In order to promote effectively, you have to make sure you’re approaching the platform correctly. Some things we would recommend are:

Post content regularly – but make sure it’s quality one. Teasers of new songs are always a great idea.

Engage with Fans – Anytime people like and comment on your posts, try to have interaction with them as often as possible. As your page grows it’s going to become more and more difficult, but you’ve always got to give it a try.

Follow Pertinent Accounts – Follow accounts that you would bond yourself to, and hope that they do the same thing. Instagram is one of the most organic-based growth platforms, meaning, things just sort of need to happen.

Collab on Instagram – Expose your music to different crowds by working with other like-minded and active Instagram artists. Don’t be afraid to contact them via Direct Message!

With just a bit of luck and a little SocialPlanned magic – you might just be very successful through promoting your music on Instagram!

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